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Welcome to Dconcept


Dconcept makes innovating digital projects :

  • Software development : C/C++, Blizmax,
  • Various apps : 3D simulator, Games, CAD software...
  • Game creation (design, graphic, 3d engine)
  • Web site : PHP, CMS
  • 2D/3D Graphic creation

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Monocok 2 : the software for making ovoid fuselage !

Monocok allows you to make easily ovoid fuselage. It's a simple software designed by a model maker for the model makers :

  • Intuitive design of a fuselage : easily and without particular knowledges.
  • DXF and PDF export of the formers and the profile of your rounded fuselage.

Thanks to Monocok, all the models (plane,copter,boat) becomes easily realizables !
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download monocokDownload Monocok



You want to enjoy yourself : try this absorbing arcade game PikGem (for all system from Netbook to last Windows 7 system). PikGem is easy to learn and simple to play : collect more and more gems in more and more complex levels. Avoid traps and enemies, drive a rocket or a flying skate and of course much more to discover...
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download pikgemDownload PikGem