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 You want to enjoy yourself : try this absorbing arcade game PikGem (for all system from Netbook to last Windows 7 system). PikGem is easy to learn and simple to play : Collect more and more gems in various world from Tropic islands to Space. Avoid the traps and enemies or drive a rocket and much more to discover... Are you ready for the travel ?

pikgem box

Pikgem features : 

  • 60 action levels including 15 addictive bonus levels.
  • Four game worlds : Tropics, Dungeon, Ice world, and Space.
  • Various traps, gems, and enemies.
  • Fast vehicles as rockets,skates or waggons.
  • Jump,kick or shoot your enemies.
  • Teleportation, fireworks, and much more to discover.
  • Very easy control : mouse or keyboard.
  • Easy to play with the tutorial mode.
  • Enhanced 3D graphics in fullscreen or windowed mode.
  • Two camera views

Click here to play PikGem during 60 minutes !download

System requirements :

  • Windows 98/ME/XP/Vista/Seven
  • CPU 500 Mhz
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 16 MB Graphics Card
  • 60 Mb hard drive space
  • DirectX 8.1 or higher
  • DirectX compatible soundcard

Get the fullversion of PikGem

PikGem Box

The full version gives you :

  • Unlimited playtime
  • No splashscreen in the full game.
  • 60 action levels
  • A travel in four game worlds !
  • Various traps, gems, and enemies.
  • New fast vehicles as skates or waggons.
  • Tutorial mode.
  • Game autosaving.

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