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Monocok 2 is designed to make ovoid sailplanes or aircrafts fuselages.
It can be used to design hull of helicopters or boats. It's a simple software designed by a model maker for the model makers.Thanks to Monocok, all the models you've dreamed become easily realizables ! Monocok helps you to design scale model with wood monocoque structure. It can also be used to make mould in polystyrene or glass fiber.You can export your project in DXF or PDF format.


Monocok features


Monocok allows to make simply the following operations :

  • Intuitive design of fuselages with rounded forms without particular knowledge.
  • Interactive profile modification with the mouse.
  • Precise and dynamic adjust buttons for numerical values [+] and [-].
  • Real-time preview of the model.
  • Automatic calculation of the intermediate formers.
  • Loading background images for each view (Templates).
  • Possibility to add notches on formers.
  • Precise fitting of the fuselage form and size with the control formers (size and shift of each former).
  • Printing and export of the formers.
  • Editing the 3 model profiles : left and right side profile as well as top view.
  • Design of plans on several pages in many format (A4 to A0, B5 to B0, C4 to C0, and main US formats).
  • Export plans to PDF format for printing.
  • Export formers and profiles to DXF format (DXF R12 with  polyline for CNC).
  • Selective export for formers.
  • Save all project parameters.
  • Metric system (mm) or inches.


Download Monocok
downloadClick here to download Monocok 2

File : Monocok_Installer.exe Size : 3 Mb. Version: 2.76