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Register Monocok 2

To get all benefits of Monocok, please register now and get the full version for only 30 € (or $45) !

The registered version has the following improvements :

  • Unlimited time of use.
  • Export all formers without limitation.
  • No warning window at startup or exit of Monocok.
  • Free updates for Monocok V2.xx.

To register  you can directly register from the software or enter manually your activation code like this :

  1. Start Monocok 2.
  2. Go to the menu -> Informations.
  3. Then select -> Activation.
  4. Copy the code with the mouse. (Right button -> Copy)
  5. Paste the code above.(Right button -> Paste)
Activation code :
Language :

If you want to pay your contribution with a credit card or a paypal account then click on the button below :

How to register:

The most easy is the following method :

  1. Start Monocok.
  2. Open the menu -> Information.
  3. Select the option -> Register, then you will be redirected automatically to Monocok registration page.
  4. Your activation code is sent automatically by Monocok.
  5. Then please just valid your contribution.

Payment with Paypal:

  1. You will go to the secure paypal service.
  2. Please fill your customer form.
  3. You can pay by credit card or by paypal account (if you have one).
  4. A confirmation will be sent to your email for this transaction.
  5. After your payment is verified, you will receive your registration key by email in 48 hours.